Posted on | 30-Aug-2017
Date : Aug 2017

Theme: Impact of Future Technologies On Warfare

Posted on | 05-Mar-2017
Date : Feb 2017

Theme: CDS and Need for Integrated Theatre Commands

Posted on | 01-Apr-2015
Date : Dec 2014

Theme: Economic Warfare In The 21st Centuray

Posted on | 01-Apr-2015
Date : July 2014

Theme: Harnessing Military Technology In India

Posted on | 23-Sep-2015
Date : July 2013

Theme: Contours Of Emergent Warfare

Posted on | 23-Sep-2015
Date : Dec 2012

Theme: Journal of the Centre for Joint Warfare Studies

Posted on | 23-Aug-2015
Date : July 2012

Theme: India's Response To Sub Conventional Warfare

Posted on | 01-Apr-2010
Date : July 2010

Theme: Russia-India-China: A Strategic Tringle

Posted on | 01-Apr-2015
Date : Jan 2010

Theme: Asian Security Environment And Choices For India