Defence Researched Institute in India
Posted on | 06-Mar-2013

Report on Interaction with Italian Delegation from Institute of Higher Defence Studies

BY | Col AK Singh

An Italian delegation consisting of Five Officers comprising of Maj Gen D Paolo BOSOTTI, (Army), Director IASD, Col Luigi MARSIBILIO (Army), Head Coordinator IASD, Col Roberto BOCCACCIO, Col Valerio ZAGO and Capt Luigi MARZULLO from their Institute for Higher Defence Studies visited HQ IDS on 12 Oct 2011. The team was first briefed by the Dte of IDC on India’s Security Perspective and thereafter by the Director on the role and mission of the CENJOWS as also, important research work undertaken by CENJOWS.The delegation observed the common areas of strategic interests, where in Italy had interests in the Mediterranean and Iran. The delegation viewed that on matters of terrorism and arms control both India and Italy were on the same side of the table.The delegation enquired if India had raised any Special Corps to fight terrorism and drug trafficking. The delegation were informed that matters in the realm of law and order, like terrorism, drug trafficking etc are taken care by the Ministry of Home Affairs which uses the Police, the Para Military Forces and the Customs to combat this menace. Cross border movements are checked and controlled by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Matters of national security, is the responsibility of the Armed Forces under the Ministry of Defence. The Armed Forces, however can be requisitioned for assistance by the civil agencies for disaster management and other such emergencies.

The delegation seemed perplexed as to how, with 26 states having so many different languages, integration is effected in the Indian Armed Forces. The delegates were informed that the Armed Forces are not segregated on religious or regional grounds, the recruitment base is from all over the country and is multi ethnic, multi religious and multi lingual with Hindi & English being the common languages for communication.

Thereafter there was an exchange of mementos and the visitors were also presented with some CENJOWS publications.